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Title: Motion
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/Lily II

It was Lily's graduation party. Ginny and Hermione, with lots of help from Grandma Molly, had decorated the whole house. Harry bought an ornate, elegant watch in honor of her coming of age. Grandpa and Ron were in charge of the guest list. And Uncle George brought over some new trick sweets, which were neatly placed in a bowl toward the back of the buffet table, to delay the inevitable disturbances they would cause.

The back yard, a large grassy field, had been turned into a dance floor, since many of Lily's classmates had been invited to attend and were arriving by Floo or Portkey later that night. There were more tables set up around the dancing area, and in an affectionate nod toward Hogwarts itself, hundreds of enchanted candles floated slowly overhead.

The present opening was an elaborate affair, with many gifts from many people to be opened. Among them were a set of fine dragonskin bound journals from Victoire, Dominique, Louis and their parents, a set of expensive eagle feather quills from Rose, Hugo, Ron and Hermione, a set of semi-rare Herbology texts from Neville and other gifts.

There were more when the partygoers arrived, but they were quickly taken care of in favor of starting the party. No sooner had the first guest arrived than the Wierd Sisters' newest songs were playing on the radio and the dance floor was filling up. Lily went from person to person, dancing and talking with friends.

Teddy arrived late. The ministry seemed to think his crazy - but otherwise harmless - neighbor was dangerous, and he'd spent nearly three hours with the other Aurors defending his case. Several arguments and a near duel later, he stepped out of the fire place somewhat disheveled. His currently turquoise hair stuck out in every direction, his dress shirt was rumpled and his tie was askew, but nobody really took notice. He was Teddy Lupin after all, a man well known for his mischief making skills and auror work, having taken after his godfather in nearly every way. In fact, nearly all the girls he passed by gave him appreciative looks, and whispers followed him wherever he went.

He found Lily out back with Hugo and Louis; she was lecturing them on something or other. Teddy didn't listen long enough to hear.

"It's your graduation party. You gonna stand here all night and talk, Lil?"

"Teddy!" Lily beamed. She flung her arms around his neck. "You're late! It's be such a long time since I've seen you. What happened to you by the way?" She took a step back to observe him.

"Oh, you know. The ladies can't get enough of me.." He grinned. Then he got serious. Well, as serious as the son of a Marauder could be. "Nah, the guys and I were having a bit of a disagreement over Bilby..."

"Aw, how is Bilby? Well, besides drawing the attention of the Ministry's Aurors, that is." Lily smiled. There was a loud boom from somewhere in the house, and an uncertain shout of "It's okay!" soon after.

"He's okay." Teddy said. "You know, we didn't exactly come here just to talk about my crazy neighbor, let's do something worthy of a party."

"Like what?"

"Well, you have to dance at a party, so let's-"

"Teddy!" Harry said, making his way through the crowd. "Hermione wants your help in the kitchen. Apparently one of the cooking spells didn't work out as planned and she needs help containing it. She and Ginny are having one hell of a time...Even Molly's have a hard time with it."

"Sure thing." Teddy turned to Lily. "See you later, Lil. Save me a dance, will you?"

"Okay." Lily smiled, and Teddy let himself be dragged away.

Teddy couldn't leave the kitchen catastrophe for quite some time. Apparently the enchantments on the various appliances had been tampered with, because there was food flying everywhere. By the time they got the situation under control, over an hour had passed, and the party had definitely moved up in tempo, with most of the people now out on the dance floor.

The wizarding radio was up full blast, and the newly graduated teens were having a great time. Lily was dancing from friend to friend, chatting away. By the time Teddy found her, he'd danced his way through the crowd twice and was making a third round in an attempt to escape some particularly bold young women with whom he was not in the slightest bit familiar. It was more the other way around, with Lily finding him.

"Teddy!" Lily beckoned of to his left. Teddy shouldered his way through the crowd toward her.

"Still got a dance for me?"


It was an upbeat song, and before Teddy knew it, it was over. "One more?"

Lily grinned and they began to dance to another song, and another.

Finally, they had to stop for a moment.

"I'm hungry." Teddy commented.

"Well, Mum made sure there was enough food."

They made their way to the food table, picking up things here and there. Teddy reached over and took a few of Uncle George's trick candies. Lily watched incredulously as Teddy cheerfully swallowed them down with no effects.

"Now since we have food in us...more dancing?"

Lily grinned and they melded back into the crowd and began dancing again.

A few songs later Teddy began to feel kind of funny. As if he was slowing down a bit. At first he just brushed it off, but then his vision went funny. It was as if he was watching Lily dance in slow motion, despite the fast song they were hearing. The sound began to slow down too, and Teddy became disoriented, trying to stay in time with the song. Lily was bouncing in slow motion, the fabric of her ocean blue dress hanging in the air. Teddy tried to shake it off. It didn't work. He ended up collapsing in the middle of the dance floor.

What a wonderful way to end Lily's party: with a trip to St. Mungo's.


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