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Title: Warehouse
Fandom: Sanctuary
Characters/Pairings: Will/Ashley

Ashley really didn't like Will being in front.

Sure, any other time this would offer her a really nice view of his butt, but this wasn't any other time. He didn't even have his weapon ready! It was down at his side, damn near useless. And now, somehow, she'd gotten stuck behind him, having to cover them from an odd angle as they moved.

Not that she wasn't perfectly capable of carrying out the task at hand singlehandedly. Still, if she was going to take the time to train him with the weapons and their procedures, Will was going to put those skills to practice, or he was going to get stuck in back.

Which, if she were totally honest with herself, she didn't really mind. First off, the only person she was used to taking orders from was her mother, and second….Well, Ashley was in the habit of not being completely honest with herself anymore.

Once she, Will and the camera guy were in the office, however, it officially became Will's territory. Ashley was just the armed guard. Will and her mother did most of the paperwork related things. Like now, she knew could do it if she really had to, but inwardly, she preferred a little push in the right direction, because she honestly wouldn't know where to start.

"Look in that one." Will said, gesturing to a filing cabinet in the middle of the room. Ashley nodded as he headed for the desk. Camera Guy stuck with her.

"Hey look, I know this isn't the best time and everything…" Camera Guy started.

Oh. Oh goodness no. Ashley prayed a quick prayer to whatever gods were listening that this random guy she'd just met wasn't about to do what she thought he was going to do.

"….But do you think you, you know, would go on a date with me sometime?"

Will gritted his teeth and shook his head. The guy had nerve, asking Ashley out when they were in the middle of a crisis. As he shuffled through the papers on the desk, Will fought the irritation. It wasn't like he and Ashley were a thing.

Even so, Will had hopes. Will didn't hear what Ashley muttered to Camera Guy - Zack. Just then he found something they might find useful.

"Found something." He announced. He was glad when Ashley came up behind him with the flashlight, so he could look through the papers easier. Will was surprised when she pressed up against his back, however. And was that her chin on his shoulder?

Whatever it was, Zack coughed and backed up a bit, looking embarrassed. Will suppressed the urge to grin in triumph as he scanned the papers in the file.


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