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Title: Taste
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/ Lily II

Lily quietly walked up the front steps of her house. Teddy walked close behind, just as timid. It was an awkward time. They'd just gone on their first date, at a nice restaurant in London. Normally, Teddy was calm and confident at this point, but Lily was different. This was his Godfather's daughter, for Merlin's sake!

Lily turned to face Teddy. "Well, um..."

Teddy laughed awkwardly, his eyes on the ground. "Yeah..."

"Good night..."

Teddy looked up at Lily, meeting her deep green eyes. He smiled at her and leaned in. Their lips met in a featherlight kiss, their lips barely brushing up against each other before they pulled back.


"What?" Teddy asked.

Lily grinned. "You call that a kiss?" She grabbed his tie and pulled him back down to her level, pressing her lips firmly to his. Teddy kissed her back, and put his hands around her waist, to pull her closer. Lily wrapped her arms around his neck, standing up on tiptoe to kiss him harder. Just as he responded, they heard someone clear their throat..

The two leaped apart. Harry stood in the doorway, with a look torn between amusement and sternness.

"Hi Daddy..." Lily said tentatively.

"Hello sweetheart. Your mother is upstairs. You should probably go see her. Teddy and I need to talk."

Lily smiled to Teddy and gave him a small wave goodbye before disappearing into the house.

"Teddy." Harry said, his face unreadable.

"You know, I should probably go." Teddy said quickly, backing down the steps. "Work tomorrow and stuff..."

"Teddy!" Harry said sternly. "If she comes to me and says anything-"

"I know. There won't be anything left to send to my Nan once you and everyone else is done with me. Trust me, I got this speech plenty of times."

Harry studied him for a moment. "All right. Get home safe, Teddy."

"Bye." Teddy turned on the spot, apparating away with a small pop.
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