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Title: Metal
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/Lily II

Teddy ran his hands through his rainbow hair. It tended to retain multiple colors when he was frustrated. And he was really frustrated.

"Erm, could I see that one?" Teddy asked the saleslady - whose nametag read "Mrs. Atwater", pointing throught the glass countertop.

The middle aged woman sighed. "You've seen that one already."


"Look, Mr. Lupin, you've looked at our entire inventory. If you haven't found the right one by now, I doubt you're going to find it on the third go round. We do make custom rings, you know."

Teddy perked up, his hair instantly returning to it's usual turquoise. "Really?"

Mrs. Atwater looked genuinely surprised. "Yes, we do. Would you like to see the catalogue?"


Who knew choosing a little ring of metal would be so hard.

"Done!" Teddy exclaimed. He eagerly filled out the order form, knowing the whole thing by heart by now, having filled it out multiple times in the last couple of weeks, only to discard it and begin again. He handed the form to Mrs. Atwater.

"It took you two months to choose this?"

Teddy gave the woman a bewildered look. "...Yeah..."

"But isn't this what you chose the first time?"

"Here you go." Mrs. Atwater handed Teddy the little black velvet covered box, three weeks later.

"Thanks." Teddy took the box and opened it for a quick inspection of the contents before putting it in his pocket. He turned toward the door. "I'll be seein' ya, ma'am."

Once outside, he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. He pulled the little velvet box out of his pocket and flipped the lid open a second time. A llittle silver band embedded with two small rows of diamonds all the way around it glinted up at him. It took him nearly three months to get to this point. Teddy grinned and put the box back in his pocket.

Now how to present it?
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