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Title: Sarcasm
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/Lily

"Oh Aunt Ginny, doesn't Teddy look pretty?" Dominique giggled as she set down the food tray on the bedside table. Teddy's eyes shot open. He'd been trying to change his hair again.

"He does dear." Ginny smiled in spite of the ominous glares Teddy was giving them. Teddy was confined to bed after the incident at Lily's graduation party, per the instructions of the St. Mungo's healers. Teddy himself didn't see the point in the bed rest, seeing as he was perfectly capable of moving around and he felt fine.

The only thing wrong with him was his damned hair!

It was currently in its usual spiked mess, but instead of it's normal turquoise color, it was a violently neon pink. It almost hurt to even look at it.

He could change himself any way, and anywhere else on his body. He could even change any other aspect of his hair, from the length to the way it fell, all except the blasted color!

"Well, you do!" Dominque had to fight to keep herself from laughing.

"Oh yeah, I look right gorgeous now don't I?" Teddy glowered. He folded his arms angrily and slumped back into his pillows. Dominique humphed and took her leave of the room, following her aunt back to the kitchen. Teddy resumed the pained concentration his family and friends found so remeniscent of his mother, but even so, the pink did not go away.

"Didn't Mum tell you to give it a rest?" Teddy opened one eye see Lily standing at the end of his bed with an amused expression on her face.


"You're thinking too hard. Just relax and leave it alone." Lily shrugged. She walked up to the side of the bed. "Focus on something else for a while."

"Well I would if there was something to focus on. I've been holed up in here for days."

"Well here. Dad and Aunt Hermione found this for you. They thought you might like it." Lily held out an old spellbook.

Teddy took the book. He grinned. "Hey! I've been looking for this everywhere! Where'd they find it?"

"I don't know. Some old family friend or something, I guess."

Teddy pulled her down and hugged her. "Thanks. I've been waiting to study this book for ages. Supposed to be some good Auror stuff in it."

"Lily!" Ginny called from the kitchen. "Dominique and I need your help!"

"Coming Mum!" Lily turned back to Teddy. "Have fun with your book." She kissed his temple and stood up. Louis walked in a few moments after she left.

"Oh look!" Louis laughed. "Your hair's as red as your face!"
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