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Title: Broken
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/Lily II

It happened Lily's fourth year, when she was home from Hogwarts during Easter Holidays. Ginny had had that vase for years, a Christmas gift from George from before her parents had been married. Very, very fine crystal. She and Dominique had been chasing Hugo and Louis for stealing some of their private notes they'd collected while away at school, and Lily had taken the hallway corner just a little too closely. The vase shattered into at least few hundred shards as it hit the dark wood floor, scattered all over the hallway.

"Well, that's not good, now is it?" Teddy said cheerfully, leaning up against the doorjamb, holding a Butterbeer. Lily looked up at him were alone in the hallway; Dominique, Hugo and Louis had made themselves scarce, leaving Lily to deal with the vase. And without magic, there was very little she could do about it.

"It was an accident."

"I can see that. Nobody in their right mind would intentionally break that vase, for fear of your Mum's wrath, now would they?"

Lily grinned. "Do you mind helping me? Seeing as I'm unable to fix it myself."

"You know, I'm going to have to tell your mum." Teddy said, with mock seriousness.

"You wouldn't."

Teddy laughed. "Ah, you're right, I wouldn't." Putting his Butterbeer on the hallway table, he pulled out his wand. With a silent flick of his wrist, Teddy had the vase reassembled and in his hands in less than a second. He handed it over to Lily.


"Sure thing. Might want to polish it up, too, so you'll have a good reason for it to have moved."

Lily nodded. "Ok. Are you staying for dinner?"

"Yup. Your Mum's making pie tonight too. Good stuff. Wouldn't miss it for the world." Teddy took a drink of his Butterbeer. Then he held it out to her. "Want some?"

"Sure." Lily went to put the vase back on the table when the front door slammed, making her jump and lose her grip on it.

There was a resounding crash as it hit the floor a second time.

"Lily!" Ginny shrieked.
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